4 Quick Tips To Make Your Ads More Fun And Interesting In 2023

You will have a lot more audience if you can make your advertisements more fun and interesting to watch. You can convert them into tiny bits of experiences even if they are a few seconds in duration. The impact that they are going to leave on your audience is going to be magnificent regardless of the runtime that they get in the medium of your choice. But how do you do it? How do you make them so impressive that they motivate your customers to purchase with you? Let’s discuss:

1. Focus on one aspect of your product

This is an intelligent way to create a sensational message about your product or service. For example, when you are trying to highlight one or two features of your product that make a huge difference in the lives of your customers, it is better to stick to that message only. In your attempt to include all the features of your product, you tend to lose focus. You also end up cluttering your message and the uniqueness of your brand which you are trying to highlight. By keeping the message concise, you will be able to focus more on the distinctive features of your product/service. Your customers will receive a clear-cut message and a strong reason to buy from you. It adds a sort of differentiation to your brand and a very unique image gets created for your product and service in the market.

2. Exaggeration is the right communication

Now, while you are at it and are all in when it comes to highlighting the distinctive feature of your product/service, do not hesitate in exaggerating it a little. This is because exaggeration gets you a lot of eyeballs. It gets you a lot of attention from the majority of your potential customers. Also, the same concept of exaggeration makes for a lot of interesting ideas. For example, when you look at the TV advertisements for Tide detergent, they are the epitome of exaggeration and very much fun and interesting to watch at the same time. Your customers know that nothing is going to make their clothes sparkling white and the whites are not going to shine as they do on television. However, the concept of exaggeration works to put their imagination in the flying gear. This is what makes Tide so popular.

3. Make the life of the customer easier

The biggest purpose of creating an advertisement is to make sure that you convey to your customers that you want to make their lives easier. This message is critical to the success of your product or service. Therefore the CTV advertising agency that you hire should be able to relate to the pain points of your customers and especially the purpose that you are trying to solve with your product/service. Remember, you have to be a lot more creative than usual if you want your advertisement to hit or particular note with your customers. For example, if you are about to launch a new electric vehicle, there have to be a few features in your new car that call the attention of your customers. It could be a better parking assistant or some kind of battery-saver feature that allows them to run a couple of hundred miles more on just 10% battery juice. The key here is to give them a solution to a problem that they have been struggling with for a long time and your advertisement is the medium that can make it possible for your brand.

4. Detail is what gets you more traction

This is to say that you should always consider your audience intelligent and more than able to pay attention to detail. The more detailed your advertisements are going to be, the more attention your audience is going to pay to your message. This is because, in a way, you will be challenging their observational abilities and analytical thinking. Your customers like that a lot about a brand. Something that challenges them attracts them inherently and this is where you get all the attention. It also gets your prospects talking about your advertisement and your message across various platforms including social media and online discussion forums. What does that result into? More popularly for your brand.


These tips are going to work wonders for your advertisements. They are going to make them more interesting and engaging for your customers. Your prospects are going to enjoy the message and appreciate the effort that you have put into them. Once you succeed in getting them to talk about it, you have won their attention.