5 Best Home Security Gadgets Of 2020

Best Home Security Gadgets which will improve the way you are living and working. It will also protect you and your house from thieves.

If you live in a palace or fort, then also you don’t have to build a drawbridge in house. Because these home security gadgets will protect you and your house.

These gadgets are very much improved and advanced, and it will help you a lot. Many technology tools are available on the market, which is overgrowing.

In below the paragraph, 6 Best Home Security Gadgets is mention. These security gadgets are very much advanced and overgrowing in all around the globe.

5 Best Home Security Gadgets

  1. YALE Smart Home Alarm

YALE is one of the most popular and old companies that is making home security gadgets. This company has various types of products and systems related to security.

Yale industry is also making a smoke alarm, a set of motion sensors, and a keyfob. Keyfob is one of the best gadgets for examining any intrusion quickly. It will help you to access windows and doors quickly.

With the help of your smartphone, you can easily on and off your alarm remotely. For example, if you observe any movement in the garden, then you can easily switch on the lights of upstairs, even if you are not present in the house.

A smart home alarm is very much advanced and improved, but it is beautiful extensive. If you want to install this alarm through a professional, then you have to pay for it.

You can easily purchase this Smart home alarm from Amazon at $424.20. You can also get the touchscreen panel inside your house for regulating the alarm.

The touchscreen panel is also program and use to contact in case of any emergency. The Smart home alarm is like a traditional format that is coming with a few additional smart features.


NEST CAM is the latest home security gadget that is discovered by Google. It is a home security camera that is looking like a glorified webcam.

But it is an intelligent surveillance kit that you can get at a very inclusive price. You can easily coordinate into the live meal from anywhere around the globe.

If the lens observes any suspicious activity, then it will send alerts on you smartphone. You can easily set up and install this home security gadget in your house.

This camera is standing on a tabletop or desk, and it can also mount on the wall. Google has said that the complicated circuitry of Nest Cam will tell the difference between a burglar intent and a swaying tree.

Nest Cam also has a Nest Aware on the top of it, which is an extra feature. Nest Aware will allow you to archive recordings in the cloud for viewing later.

You can also set up the activity zone in front of the camera, such as the living room windows. NEST CAM is quickly on the Nest official website at $ 175.19.


Arlo is the product of Netgear, which is a security camera. But you can easily select one, two, or three cameras as per your budget and need.

One of the best features of Arlo is that it is wireless and organized through a smart home base station. It is the best choice for you if you need a camera whose function is easy and simple.

Arlo is similar to Nest Cam, which you need to tap into your video feeds from anywhere by using the smartphone application. It is a wireless camera which you can position anywhere in your house.

This camera is waterproof; hence, you can also use it as an outdoor camera. It’s motion detection and Night vision capability is exceptionally impressive.

But there is 1GB of storage space in the cloud, and no sound capability is provided in this camera. It is easily available on the amazon at $198.32, but it is battery powered.

  1. August Smart Lock

August is one of the best smart locks that is currently on sale. Many of the tech industry is trying to discover the correct formula to make intelligent locks.

You can also control the August Smart Lock through your smartphone. It is very much useful when you are in the office and let the kids go inside the house.

You can also give temporary access to your friends and family without having a key. Because the linked smartphone app will carry the position of the key and anything else use to get inside the house.

If you have given access to certain people in your house, such as cleaners, then they have to take their smartphones. And the August smart lock will allow them to get access inside your home and inform you at the same time.

It is easily available on various online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart at $249. You can easily install it inside your existing doors just in a few minutes.

  1. PIPER

PIPER is one of the best home security gadget, which is similar to Google’s Nest Cam. This gadget will allow you to always in the house. Buy CCTV camera in India¬†at a reasonable price.

This camera stands on the desk and table, and it keeps an eye on your house. It is coming up with a capability of motion sensing and a comprehensive 180-degree view.

If anything uncertain happens, then the footage is directly sent to your smartphone. You can easily control the Piper through your smartphone.

You can also tilt and pan the camera look when you look in your house from anywhere. A more valuable model of Piper includes a night vision mode, which will allow you to spot unwanted strangers in the dark.

On your same home network, you can configure up to five Piper cameras. It also has two-way audio that will help you to talk to your loved one.

PIPER is easily available on various online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart at $247.90. With the help of PIPER, you can also track humidity, ambient light, and temperature levels.

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