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So, in this era of technology, we never know how it comes to us- whether as a boon or a curse. Most of us, who have the resources, own a mobile phone or a computer. Now, as we use these devices every day, we see a multitude of various apps. However, not all of them are useful to us. Moreover, we are not even aware of the presence of many of them. So, most of these apps ask you to update them or they stop functioning. That is a recurrent problem. So, the better the phone, the more the updates. However, with updates comes a serious issue. Every time you update an app, you allow it to communicate with foreign data. So, before you realize your app might have spyware or malware. However, that is not always the case. So, we will justify all of these concerning com. wssyncmldm.

com.wssyncmldm Samsung

So, when you buy a Samsung phone, Samsung GALAXY phones, in particular, you find several apps are already there. Therefore, you might not want them on your mobile phone. However, you cannot uninstall or delete them. You can only disable them. We are almost always skeptical about such apps. This is because we do not know their purpose or functioning and there is enough reason to do so. So, com. wssyncmldm is one such app. However, despite being pre-installed, it is not exactly harmful. Also, it is not a spy or malware. Therefore, let us see why it is there in the first place and whether it is anyhow possible to remove it in the following few sections. However, what one must remember is that com. wssyncmldm is an app that is found on phones of no other companies.

com.wssyncmldm what is this?

Now, the name com. wssyncmldm is frightening for any ordinary person. This is because most of us use a smartphone these days for regular needs. However, not all of us understand the programming that takes place behind the running of the phone- or its operating system. So, names such as these that are a part of the coding lingo might feel very strange to us. And, we automatically assume that something dangerous, like a fishing site, is there. However, that is not the case.

So, com. wssyncmldm is an update monitor app. Now, it is present in all Android Samsung mobile phones because it tracks and monitors the update status of the operating system or the OS. So, we often make updates on individual apps or the software at large. This might be because of two reasons. Firstly, we might want to avail of some benefits from an app that is present in a newer version. Or, on the other hand, the current version of the app might be very old and we are compelled to a newer version. Moreover, we can set the phone to periodically update the software to not miss any updates. So, when we are updating the status, com.wssyncmldm checks the system status on Samsung Android. Therefore, it is also like an agent. Read Also: com samsung android app spage: A system app package

So, com. wssyncmldm also ensures that at any point in time, you are using the most updated version of Android. This is necessary because updates might mean significant new changes. So, using old ones might get a little confusing.

com.wssyncmldm user interface

So, as we already saw, com. wssyncmldm tracks the updates of the Android operating system on Samsung mobile phones. However, the task cannot be completed if the user does not know anything about the updates. So, suppose, during the software update, com. wssyncmldm notices some irregularities or something to be alert of, it must send the message to the user. Therefore, an interface with the user is extremely important. So, for this also Samsung has another pre-installed app. There are two benefits of the app for being pre-installed. It is tailored to your phone. Moreover, you cannot even delete it by mistake. Therefore, com. wssyncmldm intimates the user using the app. So, this acts as an interface.


Com.wssyncmldm meaning

So, com. wssyncmldm keeps on searching for updates that are available on the Samsung server itself. Therefore, as one can well imagine it stops the course for automatic updates in the first place. However, you can also check com. wssyncmldm activity to get a better understanding of what it means.

Therefore, the enlistment of the activity is the representation of the process that occurs in the background. It is called the wssyncmldm activity. So, this is because of the process that brings about com. wssyncmldm is called wssyncmldm. The former, along with the .com surmises the name of the application.


com.wssyncmldm Apk

So, as we can understand by now com. wssyncmldm is just a name. It is the software update APK. Therefore, the Android version in concern here is 3.8.16 (381600000). Moreover, it was last updated on 19th November 2021, by the developer. The developer, as we know, is Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. So, it falls under the category of Samsung apps or tools and has no more updates right now at the moment.

com.wssyncmldm disabled

Now, com. wssyncmldm is a pre-installed system application. Therefore, there is little you can do with it. You can never uninstall or remove it. The problem is people often want to disable it because they think it is dangerous, like spyware. It belongs to an app package. So, this package is “Bloatware” and it continuously runs in the background during any operation that takes place on the phone. However, there is one way to remove it from Samsung services. So, this is by root access only. Hence, you cannot disable it in traditional ways. So, what you need to use is an Android Debug Bridge (adb). On the other hand, if your Android device is rooted, you can go for a package disabler.

However, the com. wssyncmldm does not disturb you in any way. So, it runs on its own in the background and makes you alert with security patches. Therefore, it is always advisable that you do not disable it.


com.wssyncmldm errors and crashing

So, it might happen that com. wssyncmldm has unexpectedly stopped working. Therefore, you are no longer receiving security or status updates. However, there may be several reasons that cause such an error. We are listing a few important ones here.

Installing foreign application

So, the most common case is when you try installing any custom ROM, IMG file, kernel. As you can guess, your operating system does not recognize this and may think they threaten the system.

Uninstalling key application

Therefore, it might also happen if you tried to uninstall a system application. So, this system application might be important for software updating. Therefore, there is a breach in the update process. So, com. wssyncmldm recognizes it as something like a glitch and stops working.

So, these are the commonest things why your com. wssyncmldm stops working. However, these are machines and you never know where glitches occur. So, sometimes you might have done nothing and yet it behaves abnormally.

Therefore, in the following section, you will find an extensive guide. So, you can follow the instructions that will help you to control the crashing. In the end, you must be able to see the message that says- “The application Device management (process com. wssyncmldm) has stopped unexpectedly” error.

How to fix com.wssyncmldm crash

So, here again, there are two main ways that you can use to fix the com. wssyncmldm crash. Therefore, you can clear all data as well as the cache. However, you can also reset the entire factory data. Let us take a look at both processes in detail.

Clearing of Data and Cache

So, in this, you have to perform a couple of steps carefully. However, this is the best method that you can undertake if you get this error. So, this is the simplest way to handle it. It is pretty basic and does not require technical assistance as such.

Now, to clear the cache, undertake the following steps.

At first, go to the Mobile settings Menu.

So following this, go to the application manager.

Now, search for com. wssyncmldm.

So, after you have found it, click on it.

Following this, you will get the option to clear data and cache.

However, you must remember to click on the “force stop” option in com wssyncmldm after you have completed the entire process.

So, in most cases, this should be an efficient solution. However, if it does not work, you will have to go for a more advanced option which is the second way. But, before performing the second option, make sure you keep enough back-IP or remove all internal storage to some external devices. This is because it is a strong operation and might delete everything from contacts to media to mobile settings.

Resetting of Factory Data

So, this is the advanced option that must be able to fix your com. wssyncmldm crash. But, we ask you to avoid this process right in the beginning. This is because you run the risk of losing everything that is there inside the storage of your phone. So, if you have any sensitive or valuable document, link, media, or anything else, double-check. Following this transfer them to a different device or simply upload them to the cloud or the drive. This will help you with easy access later on after you have solved the error.

So, to do a factory reset, you need to follow a few steps.

At first, go to your mobile settings

Now, search for the option that says Factory Data Reset.

Now, click on reset everything.

So, now you have completed your job. The mobile will now start formatting all of its applications. So, this will take some time. Do not panic and wait until your phone turns on again. So, et voila! You have successfully fixed the “ the application Device management (process com. wssyncmldm) has stopped unexpectedly” error. Therefore, start setting up everything on your phone once again.

com.wssyncmldm FAQs

How to identify Bloatware on mobile phones?

Ans. So, com. wssyncmldm belongs to the package of Bloatware. However, it is difficult to identify or remove it. Moreover, in most cases, apps like these are quite useless. You cannot understand for which app the process is exactly taking place. So, continuous pop-ups as you open the browser can indeed annoy you. However, you cannot uninstall such apps. They will continuously give you updates on your notification panel even if you do not want to get them.

Is com.wssyncmldm used to spy on your mobile phone?

Ans. So, most people make this mistake. However, com. wssyncmldm is not spyware. So, it neither tracks, nor retains, nor sends your online or mobile activity to someone else. It is simply an inbuilt update service that the phone itself provides for your own security and benefit.

Can you uninstall com.wssyncmldm?

Ans. In one word, the answer is no. You cannot simply uninstall it how you uninstall any random app from the Play Store. However, there are a few special ways that you may use to disable it. Go through our “com. wssyncmldm disabled” section to know more about this.

What is the Incallui app for Android?

Ans. So, the Incallui app for Android is an application that helps you to get a call and identify the sender of the call via the screen visually. Moreover, with its help, you can also make a call and display several smart options that make the entire process swifter and easier.

What is a permission controller?

Ans. So, the android permission controller is an important part of the Android operating system. Therefore, it tells apps what they can and can’t access as per your permission. So, what happens is you install a new app. Now, the first time you open it, the android permission controller asks you whether you want to allow or deny certain permissions for that app that it needs to function. So, you may choose to deny or accept every time for extra security, or you might choose for once and all. In that case, select the “Don’t ask me” option.

What is a daemon app?

Ans. So, the android Daemon app is again something that every Samsung android device contains. It exists as a package of daemons put together. The apps that are present here show stock news, general news as well as weather applications on your android device. Therefore, it gathers data from Google, Yahoo News,, Yahoo finance, and so on. Then it supplies these data to the respective apps on your phone.

How do I know my Samsung UI?

Ans. So, you have to follow a number of steps to find this out.

So, from the Home Screen tap the Apps button. However, you can also swipe up/down to view apps.

Now, Open the Settings application.

So now, scroll to the bottom to find About Device or About Phone.

Finally, scroll down to find Android Version.