Gamestop Returns And Refund Policies

Gamestop Return Policy: If you find yourself in need of returning merchandise purchased at GameStop, make sure you have your receipt as it is required for all returns and exchanges. A pre-owned item can be returned for your money back within 7 days or exchange of the same item within 30 days. If a new item doesn’t meet your satisfaction, it can be returned in the original packaging (including any manuals, cables, or accessories in working, sellable condition). GameStop reserves the right to refuse return on any opened or defective products. Defective products will be exchanged for a like item.

GameStop will not accept any returns on items that were purchased more than 30 days from receipt. Any item that has been opened, not in its original new condition, and has been damaged or played with will also be refused. If you need to return or exchange a product bought through, include everything in the packing list, the reason for the return and ship it to the address listed on the return label. Some items can be returned to the store but must include the original packing list and are subject to manager approval.

Gamestop Returns And Refund Policies

If you find yourself in need of returning merchandise purchased at GameStop, make sure you have your receipt as it is required for all returns and exchanges. A pre-owned item can be returned for your money back within 7 days or exchange of the same item within 30 days.

Want to return a Nintendo Switch game? … If you grabbed a physical copy of a Nintendo Switch game, the simple answer is to just return the game unopened. The retailer you‘ve purchased from will accept the return with a receipt, and in some cases will even accept opened games for a return for a reshelving fee.

You may return any item purchased on at any Best Buy store. For faster return processing, please bring your packing slip (if you received one), or your receipt, the credit card used to make your purchase, and a valid photo ID.

Gamestop Used Game Return Policy

As per GameStop Return Policy New Items(excluding tablets) can be returned within 30 days of purchase. New Tablets can be returned for a full refund within 14 days of purchase. You can also return pre-owned merchandise if you are not satisfied with it. The time frame for returning pre-owned items is 7 days for a full refund. GameStop also provides you an option by which you can return the product even if you opened it. If you know about Xbox then it would be easy for you to understand this procedure.  However, you may be only eligible for exchange for certain products.

Products eligible for return

Most of the Items excluding Downloadable content, Digital Games, and PC Downloads are eligible for return in their original condition. Few of the items are also eligible for a full refund even if opened, and certain items can only be exchanged once opened.

GameStop Return Policy for New merchandise

New Items (excluding tablets and accessories) purchased from GameStop can be returned for a full refund within 30 days if unopened. However, opened items of this category can be exchanged with an identical product within 30 days of purchase. No refund is provided for New merchandise if opened.

Rules for Tablets

New Tablets purchased from Gamestop can be returned for a full refund within 14 days of purchase. Tablets must be unopened for you to be eligible for an exchange, as no refund is provided on tablets if opened. However, if opened, you can exchange it with the same product within 30 days of purchase.

New accessories

Any accessories (excluding pre-owned) can be returned to GameStop within 30 days of purchase. You will get a full refund on returning these items within the timeframe. This rule is the same for both; opened and unopened accessories.

Pre-owned merchandise

GameStop provides you an option to return pre-owned items if you are not completely satisfied. You will get a full refund on returning these items within 7 days of purchase.

Although, you can return the pre-owned items within 30 days of purchase to exchange it with the same product.

Gamestop Return Policy New Games

Gamestop Return Policy New Games

GameStop is launching a new promotion that will allow customers to return a game for full store credit within 48 hours of purchase. The program, as circulated today by Cheap Ass Gamer and verified by The Verge, is called “Guarantee to Love It,” and will launch next week with the debut of Days Gone.

The promotion window will apply only in the first week of a game’s arrival, and GameStop will specify during various times which titles are eligible. Days Gone officially lands on April 26th, and customers will only be able to claim a full credit refund if they purchase the game between April 25th–28th. If they don’t “love it,” they can trade the open item back to the store for the full price of $59.99. Tax is not refundable, and the deal only applies to the standard edition, physical version of the game.

GameStop’s new program arrives just as cloud gaming is beginning to pick up steam: Microsoft is set to launch a disc-less version of Xbox One S in early May in an effort to promote Xbox Game Pass, while traditional tech companies like Google and Apple are also getting in on subscription-based gaming services with recent announcements of Google Stadia and Apple Arcade. Even Walmart is rumored to be working on a similar service. Sony’s upcoming PS5, on the other hand, will continue to include a disc reader, though it also offers its own PlayStation Now subscription service.

Gamestop Console Return Policy

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All those who purchase something from GameStop and want to know about exactly how many Return Days does GameStop give. You have exactly 30 days to return any product to GameStop. A refund is made to the original form of payment whichever payment method you used you can get your refund on that method. The only exception to this is cash purchase over $150. You will get that on 15 business days to issue a check from the main office.

Gamestop Pre Owned Return Policy

We’ve all been there before–you purchased a new game, but after playing it for a while, realized it wasn’t what you thought it was. Maybe it was too buggy or lacked the features you had expected or was just boring. Maybe you saw a really great deal somewhere else the next day. Regardless of the reason, most retailers won’t allow you to return a game and get a refund once you’ve taken it out of the original packaging and played it–but a new GameStop policy will offer gamers a 48-hour window to do just that.

According to a leaked document from a reputable source on Twitter, GameStop is launching a “Guaranteed to Love It” program where consumers can return a purchased game within 48 hours of the game’s launch and receive a full refund in the form of store credit (not including tax). The program is limited to $60 standard-edition new releases, and any paid PowerUp Rewards membership bonuses will not apply. The game can be opened and played; it just has to be in good condition, and you must still have the receipt.

The “Guaranteed to Love It” program will kick off with Days Gone, the upcoming open-world, a survival-horror game from Bend Studio. Days Gone is scheduled to release exclusively for PS4 on April 26, so shoppers will get their first chance to test GameStop’s new return policy as early as next week. If you decide you don’t like the game, you’ll have until April 28 to return it and receive $59.99 in-store credit.

It’s likely GameStop will continue to test out this program with individual game releases before rolling it out to more games. There will obviously be those who make it a mission to finish a game and return it within 48 hours, so only time will tell whether GameStop continues this program long-term or makes it available to all standard-edition releases. We’ll update this story when GameStop confirms the program and releases more details.

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