What does the Site Survey mean?

A site review checks a location or a point to retrieve data or information. This information includes feasibility and cost estimation reports, as well as the time required to complete a particular task. An inspection of the site consists of various techniques and factors, depending on the type of plan that needs to be carried out on the site.

Career as Telecom Site Survey :

What is Telecommunication Survey? Telecommunications surveys are not a one-step process but a complex combination of many different aspects that need to be summarized in a single final report.

Depending on the position of the proposed cell tower, different things need to be taken into consideration. For a cell tower to be erected on open ground, a relief and a boundary relief must be installed instead of the earth tower. If the property is in a populated area, and an existing building is to be entered, a roof inspection must be carried out. Tower surveys are used when two different providers want to use the same location.

Regardless of location, there are some universal surveys for the cell tower approval process. Certification to FAA 2C or 1A may be appropriate, depending on the ownership of the Communication Tower and the proposed use.

It may be necessary to check existing telecommunications towers, especially if they have been in operation for a long time. Checking the position of the tower, rewriting the radio tower or HIGH radio tower (equivalent to all ALTA / ACSM standards) are elements that may be helpful to an accredited surveyor.

Once the proposed position for all cell towers has exceeded all requirements, a visit to the site must be made. Also, during the construction process, an inventory of the tower must be made several times to ensure that the tower meets all specifications developed in the survey and in the original plans. With the recent technological changes and the growing need to send more and more information wirelessly, demand, and concerns about wireless telecommunications towers have also increased. How do regulations and regulations have a permit now? To save time and money, companies should carefully examine their options and ensure that accredited appraisers represent the required opinions.

The telecom site survey (sometimes called a site survey or network capture) plans and designs a complete network to provide a solution that meets the following requirements: cabling, network components (routers, switches, servers, etc.) Wi-Fi coverage, data speeds, network capacity, roaming capability and quality of service are required to meet your business needs. The survey generally involves a site visit and involves an analysis of the building floor, visual inspection of the installation and use of site inspection tools. Besides, interviews with IT management and end-users of wired and wireless networks are essential in determining the design parameters for each network.

The main goal is to provide enough information to determine the number and location of wireless and cable access points that will provide adequate coverage throughout the facility. In most implementations, “sufficient coverage” means admitting a minimum data rate. The need and complexity of a site survey vary by installation. For example, a small office with three rooms may not require a site visit. This scenario is likely to work with a single wireless access point located anywhere in the office and at the same time, provide sufficient coverage. If there is interference from another nearby wireless network at this access point, you may be able to select a different channel and solve the problem. In terms of wired infrastructure, this can be as easy as using some wall-plates with Ethernet ports.

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