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Destiny 2 Expansion Pass: There are six pieces of downloadable content (DLC) that have been released for Bungie’s 2017 first-person shooter video game Destiny 2. Each package of downloadable content has added new player versus environment (PvE) missions and player versus player (PvP) modes, new locales to visit, and new items for the player to make use of. Year One of the game featured two small expansion packs. The first was Curse of Osiris in December 2017, which was followed by Warmind in May 2018. Year Two began with one large expansion and had three premium content drops, available by way of an annual pass. The expansion was Forsaken, which was released in September 2018 and has had the largest effect on the game thus far, featuring an overhaul on gameplay.

Upon the release of the third expansion, retailers issued Destiny 2: Forsaken Legendary Collection, which included Destiny 2 and all DLC up to and including Forsaken. The Destiny 2 Annual Pass was made available upon the release of Forsaken, with its three content drops, “Season of the Forge”, “Season of the Drifter”, and “Season of Opulence”, released in December 2018, March 2019, and June 2019, respectively. Year Three will begin with the fourth expansion, Shadowkeep, which is set to be released in October 2019 as a standalone expansion, not requiring players to purchase any of the previous expansions.

Destiny 2 – Expansion Pass Battle

Destiny 2 Expansion Pass Pc

Each Season Pass will cost $10. However, the Season Pass for season eight, which kicks off in Shadowkeep, is included with Shadowkeep. So if you buy the expansion, you won’t need to buy the Season Pass separately. This is presumably Bungie’s way of introducing players to the new system before directly asking them to buy into it.

Once season eight ends, you’ll need to pay $10 each season to access the new rewards and activities. Fortunately, like all future Destiny 2 expansions, Season Passes will be available a la carte on a standalone basis. This means that if you don’t like what season nine has to offer or you just aren’t playing at the time, you can skip it and still buy the season 10 pass later on.

In addition to the Season Pass itself, Bungie says it will also allow players to purchase ranks as a catch-up mechanic that would become available in the final two to four weeks of the season. The pricing for buying ranks has not been announced, but Destiny 2 director Luke Smith did explain Bungie’s approach to the idea.

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Unlike Battle Passes in other games which often require specific challenges in order to increase your rank, the Destiny 2 Season Pass is driven purely by XP. Anything that earns you XP, from completing Strikes and Public Events to turning in bounties – basically just playing the dang video game – will advance your seasonal rank. Smith offered an example of what leveling looks like in his earlier blog post:

“I see you: ‘Did Bungie just raise the XP needed to get a rank to some ridiculous level so that players have to buy ranks at the end of the season?’ The answer to that question is NO,” he said. “For example, in our internal team tests, playing Strikes in a fairly relaxed manner (18 minutes per Strike playtime) with full stacks of bounties can get a Seasonal Rank in less than one hour. Every week, Guardians also get rest XP bonuses (per account), where their first three ranks are at triple XP. Playing Strikes with full stacks of bounties and rest XP should get 10 ranks in around 8 hours. And knowing you, we’ll all see even better ways you’ll min-max your time to clear your ranks.”

Strikes may well prove to be a good source of XP, but I can’t stress enough that you can do literally anything. Gambit, Patrols, Crucible, raids, daily missions – anything that gives XP, which is basically everything in the game. Players will surely min-max the XP grind and work out the most efficient activities to repeat, but the point is, as long as you’re playing Destiny 2, you’ll be advancing your Season Pass.

Continue your adventure with the Destiny 2 Expansion Pass and get access to both Expansions I and Expansion II. Both expansions feature brand new destinations, story missions, and adventures. Play new cooperative activities, compete in new multiplayer arenas, and earn a wealth of themed weapons, armor, and gear.

As of right now at the time of publishing, Destiny 2 has four expansions out in addition to the base game. However, thankfully, these aren’t the only DLC expansions that players can look forward to. There are some more that are coming on the horizon in 2019.

The Destiny Expansion Pass was a DLC package for Destiny that included expansions The Dark Below and House of Wolves at a discounted price of $34.99.

Expansion Pass Destiny 2

Expansion Pass Destiny 2

“In the same way that we’ve been doing seasonal catch-up for Power, we think providing a late-in-the-season rank catch-up makes sense,” Smith said in a blog post. “This initial version is our starting point, and the way we’ve designed Seasons moving forward means that we’re going to be able to have the flexibility to tune how this works once we see how Season of the Undying goes.”

“Our goal in tuning this is for our most committed Destiny players, who start on week 1, to reach Rank 100 simply by doing the things they already love spending their time on,” Smith added. “If that’s not happening, we have the freedom and ability to adjust. We want Destiny to be your home however you want to play and hit 100. You may never want or need to buy a rank. We just want our community to be able to play together as easily as possible and narratively be part of the Destiny world as it changes.”

There are 100 ranks and each rank has a premium reward – that’s the stuff you get if you own the Season Pass. Some ranks also come with free rewards for players who don’t own the Season Pass. These are indicated in the top-right corner of each cell of the image above. At rank three, for example, Season Pass owners will receive a new seasonal badge and a bundle of Glimmer, while players who don’t own the Season Pass will just get the Glimmer. At rank 100, Season Pass owners will receive an Exotic ornament for Erianna’s Vow and a Bright Engram, while players who don’t own the Season Pass will only get the Engram. You get the idea.

The rewards in the image above are not necessarily final, and a lot of them are new items and gear, so we can’t say for sure what they are or what they do. We’ll update this guide with a rank-by-rank list showing exactly what rewards you get at each rank with the Season Pass once it’s available. For now, here’s a general round-up of the kinds of rewards you’ll get for increasing your rank:

  • Legendary Vex armor and weapons
  • Upgrade materials including Legendary Shards, Glimmer, Enhancement Prisms and Cores, Upgrade Modules, planetary materials, and Ascendant Shards
  • Legendary, Exotic, and Bright Engrams
  • Raid Banners
  • Shaders, ships, emotes, and emblems
  • Badges which upgrade as your rank rises
  • Exotic ornaments
  • Finisher moves

Destiny 2 Expansion Pass Price

In the aftermath of The Red War, Ikora Rey calls the Guardian to the Tower, explaining that her agents, the Hidden, discovered a damaged Ghost on the intact remnants of Mercury. Ikora identifies the Ghost as Sagira, belonging to her former mentor, the legendary Warlock Osiris, who had been exiled from the City years before the first game (detailed in the supplementary webcomic Fall of Osiris). Traveling to Mercury, the Guardian locates the gateway to the Infinite Forest, a simulated universe created by the Vex inside the planet’s core, but is unable to enter; the Guardian then comes under attack from Vex constructs from various points in time. Brother Vance, the fanatical leader of the Followers of Osiris (returning from House of Wolves), directs the Guardian to a hidden temple in an abandoned radio tower in the EDZ on Earth, with a modified Vex device that can restore Sagira. The device temporarily merges Sagira with the Guardian’s Ghost, allowing them to access the gateway to the Infinite Forest.

Inside the Forest, the Guardian encounters reflections of Osiris created to explore its different simulated realities. The reflections explain that in the past, Mercury had been a garden world shaped by the Traveler, before the Vex arrived and created the Forest in Mercury’s core. The Guardian witnessed a simulated future scenario created by Panoptes, the Vex Mind that controls the Infinite Forest, in which Light and Darkness no longer exist, all non-Vex life has been wiped out, and the Sun is darkened. Osiris’ reflections claim that they have been unable to find a way to prevent the dark future, but believe that the Guardian may be the key to stopping it. Ikora directs the Guardian to the Pyramidion, a Vex construct on Io, which contains the location of a map that leads to Panoptes’ lair.

Following the Pyramidion’s data back to the Forest and battling Red Legion simulations within, Sagira discovers that the map changes too quickly to find Panoptes. The Guardian travels to Nessus to obtain the core of a smaller Vex Mind to boost Sagira’s processing power. Returning to Forest’s simulated past on a tip from Ikora, the Guardian combines the map data with Panoptes’ algorithms from the moment of its creation, allowing Sagira to locate Panoptes’ lair. At that moment, Panoptes itself arrives and forcibly separates Sagira from Ghost before ejecting the Guardian from the Forest.

Regrouping at the Tower, Ikora accompanies the Guardian back to Mercury, where she forces open the gateway to allow the Guardian to return to the Forest. Upon reaching Panoptes’ lair, the Guardian fights through Panoptes’ simulated legions, but is unable to damage the Vex Mind alone; Panoptes prepares to “delete” the Guardian from the Forest when Osiris himself arrives to aid the Guardian. Osiris is able to hold Panoptes at bay long enough for the Guardian to weaken and then destroy Panoptes, freeing Sagira and preventing the dark future from occurring.

The Guardian and Osiris emerge from the gateway, where Ikora invites Osiris to return to the City. Osiris declines, and bids farewell to his former student and the Guardian before returning to the Infinite Forest.

Following the defeat of Panoptes, Emperor Calus extends another invitation to travel to the Leviathan on Nessus, where the fireteam of Guardians venture deep into the Leviathan’s core to confront Argos, Planetary Core, the Vex Mind which was responsible for the transformation of Nessus. After destroying Argos, the Guardians are nearly consumed by the Leviathan’s fiery inferno but are saved by Calus, who once again offers a place by his side and more than just the power of the Light.

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