What is blolook and what should you know about it?

So, before we get into the details of blolook and how it works, let us go through something that is much more crucial and also that we all face. Most of us, in recent times, have different accounts on various social media platforms. It has more than often happened that your reach on a particular account is down or that your account is getting restricted. So, this might happen due to various reasons. However, others blocking and reporting you or your account is one of the most important reasons here. Therefore, in recent times, journalists who do independent journalism or bloggers who oppose the system, or even hackers who work for the greater good have faced these. Hence, if you had a program ready that would help you to know and track who all are blocking you, things would get much easier.

Therefore, this is where blolook comes in.


Technical details

So, you can already tell that there is something to do with blocking by just looking at its name itself. Hence, let us quickly get into the technical details of blolook now. The full name is Blolook.osa- p.net. So, it is a subdomain of Osa-p.net. This, in turn, is a traffic site with a world traffic ranking of 210,952 and of 70,878 in the US. Moreover, it also has a medium page rank of 3.5. So, this is code for the fact that there is a good stock of backlinks on the website. PHP and Bootstrap technologies were the ones they used for building the site.

Moreover, the Cloudflare CDN server serves the content. It is situated in the US. 104.21 .62. 157 is the linked IP address.

So, finally, Japan Registry Services Co. Ltd has the domain registered. However, it will expire by the end of this year.

Therefore, now let us go through a quick overview of the website and the remaining technical details that you must know before you use it.

Blolook Osa-p

So, Blolook Osa-p is the service of the sub domain that we are calling Blolook just for ease. Therefore, let us go through the website details once.

So, Osamura Yoshiyuki owns it. Moreover, he is based in Umeda, Kotaku, Osaka-shi, which is in Osaka, Japan. We already know that the Cloudflare server serves the content. Therefore, it is obvious that blolook got the certification from Cloudflare Inc. This, however, is located in San Francisco, California, in the US. Moreover, Cloudflare Inc. also hosts the website. From this, we can easily understand that the server location is in the US even if the company is primarily Japanese. Because it is a Japanese site, they registered it with Japan Registry Services Co. Ltd.

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Therefore, let us quickly go through the registration details once. The registration date was 30 Aug 2003. So, the span they received was for 20 years. Therefore, it has been a long time since then, 19 years and 4 months, precisely. And the registration expires this year, on the same date. Moreover, the first archive date of the blolook website was 11 Oct 2003. So, that was within a month of registration. However, the top visitor country has always been the United States of America. And finally, the category under which it operates is Internet Services.

So now, let us go through the technology helping it run.


Therefore, Bootstrap did the UI framework. Google Adsense helps with its advertising. Moreover, they also use another google service. So, along with Microsoft Clarity, they use Google Analytics for analytics and tracking. For CDN, they have Cloudflare which we already saw. Furthermore, for code hosting, there is GitHub. Ko-fi provides donations as well as memberships. PHP controls the programming languages and ARIA the semantic makeup. Now, comes the most important part where people can access these technologies, that is, social media. Here, the partner is Twitter. Moreover, their tag manager is Google Tag Manager. And finally, it operates in multi-languages. So, no matter what language you are using the app in, that will not be a barrier.

Is blolook accurate?

So, there are a few things that you need to know before you question blolook or its accuracy for that matter. Now, it is not possible that you know who is blocking you. This is because that will harm the privacy of the ones blocking you. Moreover, what if you are someone threatening, be it to an individual or to a community? The very idea of blocking is to erase one from one’s immediate circle. However, if you come to know about the identity of the ones blocking you, there is no guarantee that you will not use those details to foul ends. Therefore, by accuracy, you mean you want the individual details of those who are blocking you, then blolook is going to fail you.

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Then, what does blolook do? So, it is an internet service that will tell you the total number of accounts that have blocked or are blocking your account. By looking at the count, you will understand where the problem lies, or at least have an idea. So now, the next question is, how does blolook do it? Since the services are extremely transparent, they tell you how they do it. So, they gather extensive information on what are the accounts that your account is blocking. Moreover, they also cross-refer this data with the data that they collect from other accounts. However, there is still a major problem. So, if an account that has blocked you has not enlisted the service of blolook, you will not get to know about it. This is simply because blolook will not have its data.

Therefore, it becomes obvious that the more people use it, the more data they will have. Hence, the final information that they will provide will be more accurate. Let us see the stats.


Currently registered accounts: 3,710,504

Current block information count: 2,773,474,410

Unique count: 233,472,536

Moreover, blolook also requests its users to leave the application linked. So, this helps them to update their data periodically.

Blolook Twitter

There are a hundred social media sites available on the web today. Moreover, the algorithm is different in each of them. However, the most important part is you have a different persona in each of these. Sometimes, your accounts might be linked but mostly they are not. Therefore, before you have very high expectations, you should know that blolook will not work for every social media platform. So, Twitter is only where it works.

So, we have already seen that Twitter caters to the social media requirements of blolook. However, that is not just about it. The two exist interconnectedly so much that blolook has not much use if there is no Twitter. Therefore, if you want to know how many accounts have blocked you on Twitter, head on to blolook. So, you will see the process of how to do it below. On the other hand, blolook can only give you the number of accounts that blocked you on Twitter. So, it does not operate with any other social media app or platform.

Blolook login

Now that we know quite a lot about blolook already, let us see how we can access it. Moreover, we also know its purpose. Therefore, the easiest way to access it is via Twitter. In other words, you can only get the services of blolook once you have a valid Twitter account and log in via it. Now, let us see how you can find the accounts that blocked you on Twitter via blolook.

Blolook is a third-party website.

So, the first step is to go to the blolook website. Click here and it will redirect you to the official page.

Then, in the new window, you will find the option “Login with Twitter” in a blue button.

So, the next step is to click it. This also means you need to have a proper and authorized account on Twitter.

Therefore, in the third step, enter the details of your Twitter account- username and password.

So, once you have done this, it will go through your Twitter account, and check through their collected data. And, in a while, you will get the number of accounts that have blocked you on Twitter.

Moreover, the service is absolutely free. So, that is the cherry on top of the cake!

Blolook app

So, there is a mobile blolook app as well that you can use if you are not comfortable with the web version. Therefore, you can get it on either Google Play Store or the Apple app store. Moreover, if you use the app, it is easier to get notifications even when you are not, particularly the app. This means it will keep notifying you when someone blocks you on Twitter. So, that reduces a lot of your effort. At times, you don’t even need to remember.

Blolook alternative

So, by now, you must have understood that blolook is popular as well as trustworthy. Moreover, the stats give you complete knowledge of how many people have linked their accounts. Therefore, you know it is safe and reliable. You can entrust them with your account details. Also, since there are so many accounts linked, the end result will be near accurate. So, there might be blolook alternatives. However, none of them have the scale, popularity, reliability, or data that blolook will promise you. Therefore, it is safe to say, there is no better option than blolook in this department.

Is blolook safe?

As per various user experiences and online reports, it is completely safe to use. Therefore, we have never found a single case where they had employed any kind of malware to hack your data. Moreover, they generally do not have any cases of spamming as well. Additionally, they also have a valid registration and certification. The website lists all of them. Therefore, you can trace them if you have any doubts. So, blolook is absolutely safe to use. It will just collect the amount of data that it needs to complete its job. Moreover, the data that it collects is also kept private. Therefore, everything remains encrypted safely.

Blolook FAQs

What is blolook?

Ans. So, let us quickly go through the overview. It is a third-party app and provides you with service free of any cost. Therefore, with its help, you can find out how many accounts have blocked you on Twitter. However, keep in mind that you will still not know who exactly blocked you. You will also not know if someone has blocked you who does not avail of the services of blolook. Therefore, the data that you ultimately get will be near accurate but not completely so.

Is there an app that shows who blocked you on Twitter?

Ans. Yes, and that is Blolook. So, as we have already seen above, it is available both on the web as well as an app. Get the service that suits you the best and get your job done!

Is there a way to see blocked tweets?

Ans. So, the catch here is if the tweets are private or protected. In that case, you cannot see them. If you want to, then you have to start following them from an unblocked account. Otherwise, you might simply find public tweets on the web.

Can you secretly block someone on Twitter?

Ans. Yes, you can, and here is where the concept of “soft blocking” comes in. So, if you “soft block” someone, they will receive no notification about you blocking them. The idea is that they can still see your tweets as well as direct message to you. However, the catch is they have to refollow you if they want to see your tweets. So, the finality of blocking is not here. This is more like removing a follower by yourself but they cannot just access your tweets without following you back.